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What is Regenerative Medicine? When any tissue in the body is injured, chemical mediators are released from the injured tissue that will start a physiological cascade and response. These mediators attract cells within the blood stream to the site of injury, and thru these “blood borne cells” (Platelets and White Blood Cells) the injured tissue is orchestrated thru essentially 2 Phases.

It works in two phases:

Phase 1: Inflammatory Phase

The First phase is the Inflammatory phase, who’s purpose is to isolate the injured tissue and recruit blood vessels into the injured area. This Inflammatory phase allows the injured tissue to be protected and minimizes the chance of infection and further injury. This phase is signified by the signs within the body of swelling, redness, and pain. By an orchestration of chemicals released by platelets and white blood cells, the Inflammatory phase ends and the Healing phase begins. 

Phase 2: Healing Phase

It is during the Healing phase “new tissue” is created and the injured tissue is “repaired”. The cells that do this “repair” we call “Regenerative cells”. These regenerative cells  reside along blood vessels, recruited during the Inflammatory phase, and along connective tissue with in the injured tissue. “Traditional” pain management techniques, which heavily utilize Steroid and Non-steroid anti-inflammatories, are great for minimizing or stopping the Inflammatory phase; thus, improving the acute symptoms of pain and swelling.

Unfortunately, these anti-inflammatories also arrest the Healing phase making the injured tissue susceptible to re-injury. Through the use of these mediator cells or tissue (Platelets, Bone Marrow tissue, Fat tissue, Amniotic Tissue), Regenerative Medicine techniques “amplifies” and “re-orchestrates” the bodies injured tissue to repair itself. 

There’s more to know about regenerative medicine.

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North Houston Pain Center separates itself form other Regenerative Medicine clinics, by insuring there are no ongoing “Biological Stressor” that would prevent the transition form the Inflammatory phase to the Healing phase; thus,  preventing these Regenerative Medicine techniques from working. 

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Through our continuous specialized Regenerative Medicine training, we have found not all Regenerative Medicine techniques are “equal” and these treatments must by tailored to the specific tissues and types injury. Schedule a Consultation to discuss how Regenerative Medicine can help you.

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